The Game set include:

  • Board / Game Table (40'' square, made of wood)
  • Folding Stand
  • Discs / Pucks in 2 colors (black & red, 16 of each)
  • 2 Strikers (black & red)
  • 2 Cue sticks (any length, width and weight)


The playing surface must be clean, smooth and well polished to help the playing discs to glide easily.

In countries where Novuss is popular and played on a daily basis, “Boric Acid” powder is used to make the surface of the table smoother. When official tournaments are conducted, it's use is mandatory. Small portions of this white powder are rubbed into the surface of the table using a piece of paper, cleaning off extra powder with paper or brush.

In more casual games, the goal is to play for fun - we are free to choose a suitable product such as wood surface (furniture) polish, carrom powder, shuffleboard powder, potato starch powder and "Boric Acid" powder. Whatever you choose, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND cleaning & treating the table surface before playing.

Remember - the discs should glide easily on the surface of the table, making your game more EXCITING & ENJOYABLE.