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Novuss Adventure

Thhomeere is an endless variety of games available in the United States today.

Yet, we are introducing you to a newcomer to the American market, the NOVUSS – an immensely popular & entertaining billiard-style game.

In some countries, Novuss is alternately known as "Koroona".

Quickly gaining popularity this game became one of the most popular in Europe where it is often played in leagues and sanctioned tournaments.

Learning to play Novuss is indeed quite simple while the game itself is very engaging - perhaps one you and your family will enjoy playing together for many years to come.

Thanks to the compact size of the game table, Novuss can be played practically anywhere and can be easily stored in your car, in a closet, or even under a bed.

Novuss provides just as much entertainment without high costs & inconvenience of a full-size pool table. It is universally accessible, providing equal excitement for adults and children, and even individuals with disabilities.

Playing Novuss is a perfect way to unwind and get away from busy mainstream in the company of friends and family.

NOVUSS – is a Board Game. It's definitely not the boring, traditional board game you know! The board (table) is 40 inch square, made of wood, with pockets at the corners. The board is usually placed on a stand, but may also be placed on other surface that allows the pockets to hang down properly. These surfaces can be of any height to accommodate players of all sizes, ages & abilities! There are also red and black wooden discs, also known as rings or pucks, a striker, also known as a shooting ring, and a cue stick.

Detailed important information about the game can be found in "Game Rules" section.