Game Rules

The maximum number of players is 4. The corners of the table have pockets. The table is divided into 4 play zones by the lines drawn on the surface from edge to edge. These rectangles are called edge zones. Each edge zone has another line in the middle. It’s called a middle (center) line. The circle (center mark) in the center of the table is divided into 4 parts. All areas, including edge zones and the circle, are called blind zones (See diagram above). There are also red and black wooden discs, also known as rings or pucks, a striker, also known as a shooting ring, and a cue stick.

3. Game Rules

1. To make a strike, the Striker is placed on the table so that its hole lies entirely within a “blind” zone (Figure 2)


Figure 2

2. The Striker is placed so that it is not in contact with any of the discs.

3. The player’s fingers should never touch the playing surface, only the board edge.

4. A Strike is considered completed if the cue stick has moved the Striker.

5. A Strike should be made with the tip of the cue stick.

6. After a successful strike (when one or more discs dropped into pockets),the same player takes the next turn.

7. The player who pockets all of the discs first wins the game.